Parents need all the help they can get. Especially when picking the products for their little one. So, we are doing our part by putting together a list of our top 10 best baby products.

Baby Swing 

As many may know, there are going to be times where stuff just needs to get done. The gadgets can help keep the little one occupied while you grab a couple minutes of me-time or try to get a chore done. It’s all about the gadgets and soothing motions. It’s got to keep the baby occupied.

Boppy Feeding and nursing pillow 

This can help get your baby in the right feeding position and help take some pressure off your back. Ideally, you want one that makes for easy travel.  At a later age, you can use this as a pillow for the baby to help prop them up.

Gas drops/Simethicone Infant Gas Relief

These drops are amazing.  Seriously. All you do is put a couple drops in their formula or insert it directly into the infants mouth near the inner cheek.  These are a lifesaver because no one wants a fussy, gassy, baby.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle 

Speaking of fussy babies, Dr. Brown’s bottles can help with that. This particular brand is well known for reducing extra air in your infant’s bottle.

Teething Toys

This one seems somewhat obvious. Unfortunately, your baby is going to go through this awful phase called teething. And it happens more than I’m sure anyone would like. Teething toys can help ease the process. Some parents have success with ones you can freeze.

One toy that has been incredibly popular is the Sophie Giraffe. This adorable toy is made of natural rubber and food paint. What more is there to love?

A Diaper Bag

Again, this seems very obvious. I will just add that you may want to purchase one that you wouldn’t mind carrying as much as your purse. Or heck, you may end up replacing your purse with it.

Baby Carriers

These are a great way to free your hands while keeping your baby close. Ideally, you want one that you can convert from a front carrier to a back carrier. Also, you want it to be comfortable and adjustable. One that has gotten great reviews is the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier.

Formula dispenser 

Another simple one, but it works. Your baby is going to get hungry during inconvenient times. Single serving containers help make it easier to feed on the go.  It’s just a great product, hands down.

High Chair 

What you may want to look for is something that is portable and can be strapped to any standard chair and with a detachable tray. This way you can toss it in the car and take it the restaurant or grandmas.  As stated very recently, your little one is mostly likely going to get hungry at inopportune times and not all settings are ideal for children. A portable high chair can be quite the lifesaver.

Electric Breast Pump

    1. Just splurge on the electric one. No one needs to work that hard. This is another item you may want to consider making travel friendly.

Although there may not be a way to be fully prepared for parenthood, you are that much closer. Hopefully, this helps you equip your arsenal for whatever may come.

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